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About Us

MAGIC CONSULTANCY was incorporated in 2001, is one of  Malaysia’s TOP 1 reliable and reputable Business Financial Platform and Solutions Provider.  Nowadays, MAGIC CONSULTANCY comprises a team of exceptional Chartered Accountants, Bankers Copy Writers, Company Secretaries, Financial and Business Advisors, Speculators, Investors, Government Advisor, Legal Consultants and Solicitors. Our commitment to you is providing the highest standard of professional service in the areas of :-

  • Project discussion, Meeting
  • Evaluating / justification
  • Research / Mapping
  • Problem solving / Professional Advice
  • Decision making
  • Managing Process Flow
  • Negotiation
  • Costing / Planning
  • Marketing
  • Write Up Company Profile and Presentable Proposal
  • Extraordinary Business Solutions
  • Project Close

Our Philosophy

We are not only a high standard of financial advisory service at competitive rates which meet to their goals and objective, but also close personal attention.

It is a policy of our Firm to have a higher proportion of partners from different areas expertise and qualified staff so as to provide a high level of personal involvement in clients’ affairs and to ensure that the emphasis is on intelligent and constructive advice rather than routine compliance work. Our staff are always encouraged and expected to understand our clients’ affairs.

By adopting a positive and pragmatic approach in dealing with clients’ financial problems, we provide solutions and think as business people in order that the service we provide is of real value in assisting clients to achieve their objective and maximise profitability.

Our Team

Our Team Members comprise of various different field of expertise and professional:

  1. Higher level of bankers / financers
  2. Experience business consultants
  3. Experience business management consultants
  4. Charted auditors
  5. Properties agents
  6. Legal firms
  7. Political representatives

~*Our Company will not get a single sen, before your case success *~

~*Any person claim, they are from our company & receive initial payment is a SCAM*~