Special Opportunity
Printing Company In KL for SALES
 WELL-KNOWN PRINTING For SALE This established in year 2006 located at KL. This company is the first company which started providing online color name card services to all major cities in Malaysia via its network business strategy. Since 19’s, color had play an important role and becomes a “need” in our lifestyle. Colorful products are more acceptable by public in this marketplace especially color name card and this line of business had assisted the people who are interested to build up their own careers. Therefore, the company provide high-quality custom printing convenient and affordable for everyone.  This company is one of the 1–Stop O
Green Technology Guarantee Scheme
IntroductionThe Green Technology Financing Scheme (GTFS) was established by the Government to promote investments in green technology, a sector that is envisaged to be one of the emerging drivers of economic growth for our country. This is a national initiative aimed at achieving a sustainable environment. The Participating Financial Institutions’ (PFIs) role is critical in ensuring the success of the GTFS, which entails the financing of companies that supply and utilise green technology. Back to TopInvestment Criteria Investment in Green Technology refers to products, equipment, or systems which satisfy the following:- Minimises the degradation of the environment; Has zero or low green hous
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