Firearm License
 {p}1. Can I submit my appeal to own firearms straight to the Ministry?{p}No. The scope of the Ministry is to only process the appeal after the application has been declined by the Police.2. Can the Ministry issue licence for firearms?{p}No. The Ministry only issue result from the appeal of firearms ownership. The licence is issued by the Police.3. Where can I apply for a firearms license?{p}An application may be submitted to the District Police Headquarters responsible for the applicantÔÇÖs residence.4. What should I do to check on the status of my appeal?{p}You could contact the Ministry at the phone line 03-88868546/8541 and state your file number to the officer. Yo
 {p} {p}PAHANG{p}SUSUNAN KEUTAMAAN DARJAH KEBESARAN, BINTANG DAN PINGAT{p} {p}BILANUGERAHHURUF RINGKASGELARAN1Darjah Kerabat Yang Maha Utama Kerabat Diraja PahangD.K.P.--2Darjah Kerabat Sri Indera Mahkota Pahang Yang Amat Dihormati  Kelas ID.K. I--3Darjah Kerabat Sri Indera Mahkota Pahang Yang Amat Dihormati Kelas IID.K. II--4Darjah Kebesaran Sri Diraja Sultan Ahmad Shah PahangS.D.S.A.Lelaki: Dato' Sri DirajaPerempuan: Dato' Sri DirajaIsteri: Datin Sri DirajaSuami: Tiada5Darjah Kebesaran Sri Sultan Ahmad Shah PahangS.S.A.P.Lelaki: Dato' SriPerempuan: Dato' SriIsteri: Datin SriSuami: Tiada6Darjah Kebesaran Sri Indera Mahkota PahangS.I.M.P.Lelaki: Dato'Perempuan: Dato'Ister
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