Business Loan 商业贷款
Briefings on Malaysia SME loans Malaysia SME Loan, Malaysia Business Loan, 贷款申请, 企业融资 in MalaysiaMalaysia SME Loan, Malaysia Business Loan , 贷款申请, 企业融资 in Malaysia of SME Financing Expansion of productive capacityWorking capital; or CASH both htt
Prevent-Bankruptcy Plan 避免破产前規劃
{p}What is personal bankruptcy? 什麼是個人破產?{p}Bankruptcy is a process where a debtor is declared a bankrupt pursuant to an Adjudication Order made by the High Court against the debtor if he is unable to pay his debts of at least RM30,000.00.破產是一個過程,其中一個債務人被宣告破產,根據高等法院的判決令,如果他是對債務人無法支付他的債務,至少RM30,000.00。{p}Corporate Insolvency? 什麼是公司破產?When a company is placed into administration or liquidation. The Liquidation Division is divided into two main Sections, which are; Operational section and Policy and Administration Section. These two Sections serves the Liquidation Division according to the needs of Corporate Insolvency .當一家公司被置於管理或清算。清算司分為兩個主要部分,這是操作部分和政策及行政組。這兩個部分提供清算司根據企業破產的需要。{p}Before bankru
IPO in Bursa Malaysia
Singaporean Property & PLoan
ONLY FOR SINGAPOREAN BUY SINGAPORE PROPERTY / MALAYSIA PROPERTY / PERSONAL LOAN{p} {p}v  Completed Application Form (as attached){p}v  Declaration Form (as attached){p}v  Copy of NRIC or Passport{p}v  Income Documents{p}   Salaried{p}-  1 month Computerized Payslip AND{p}-  Latest 1 year Notice of Assessment ( à Login using Singpass à View Correspondences/Notices (under E-services) à Letters/Notices) AND{p}-  Last 12 months CPF contribution statement{p}   Self-employed{p}-  Latest 2 y
Personal Loan
 Approval Loan Amount : Max RM 250,000Interest : 5.5%  - 14% p.a.Loan Tenure : 2  - 7 years Approval time : 1 - 2 weeksRequirements: Min 25 - Max 54 years years oldEmployment at least 1 yearsMinimum income RM 2,000Checklist Documents Required :Photocopy of NRIC (front and back) of Director (s) / Guarantor (s)Form B / EA with tax receiptLatest 6 months personal account statement3 months pay slipEPF *if sole proprietor, SSM ( 3 pieces) + Company 6 months accountif Sdn Bhd, Form 9, 24, 49 + M&A + Company 6 months account* optional Contact Us NOW !!! Get Fast Financing Approval !!! Click Here !!!
New / start up Business Loan
There is NO Entreprenuers business loan to applyif New Entrepreneur ( 2 years & below company registered under SSM ) interests to apply loan to expand their business. There have only 2 solutions1) Ask for parents' company permission, to use their parents' company to apply business loan for their children. (MUST HAVE OFFICE/SHOP)2) Buy over a Old Company at least 5 years & apply for business loan. Cost at least RM 8000 (MUST HAVE OFFICE/SHOP)3) Apply for Personal Loan or Credit Card (Call for CASH) ~ may be can help X0,000 only.
Properties Loan
 A credit facility to finance the purchase of residential properties for the purpose of owner occupation or to refinance from an existing financier. Repayment mode is in fixed monthly installments of principal and interest with the interest calculated on daily rest basis.Interest : BLR - 1.0% - 2.3% , calculated on daily rest.Loan Tenure : Max 30 years, or up to age of 65 years oldMargin : can up to 100% of total cost , (inclusive of MRTA/MT/MRPA/ODL and/or loan documentation expenses).   
Unfavorable Industry 不受欢迎的行业
Unfavorable Industry in Banking不受欢迎的行业 (还是可以申请银行贷款)Business Loan1. Pub, Nightclub & entertainment2. Money Lender3. Hawker, hairdresser, pretty traders4. Masseur services5. Internet Cafe6. Rubber & Plastic products7. Textiles & Rugs8. Food products & beverages9. Wholesales (construction related)10. Construction & Construction related activities11. Restaurant12. Other Eating / drinking places13. Electrical & Apparatus14. Furniture, Accessories, Sporting, Stationery & Leisure Goods15. Land Transportation & Related Services16. Transport & Transport Equipment17. Muslim sole-proprietor operating : Liquor, gambling, tobacco & winePersonal Loan1. Domestic Serv
Other Magic Financing Solutions
The following are the other special ways for financing your company.Mark up asset purchase price: eg, Residential house sell $ 1 million, bank finance 90% then purchase with $ 1.5 mil....... Loan Size: $ 1.35mil - cost $ 1 mil = EXTRA RM350k + Extra Working CapitalConsideration: Property Sales Tax 5% of profit of selling within 5 years, collaboration with vendor and buyer. Use old machine to refinance as new machine loan.Consideration: MUST have OLD MACHINE, and total machines VALUE more than $ 300kStart a other new company to get financing. Consideration: must have existing business
Franchise Scheme 特许经营计划
 FRANCHISOR FINANCING SCHEME   Objectives  •To provide financial assistance to franchisors / master franchisees to expand their business•To encourage and facilitate assistance to franchisors to venture into international expansion•To assist franchisors / master franchisees in strengthening their capabilities and capacity to support franchisees for business expansion Company Criteria •A Sdn Bhd company•Registered with Registrar of Franchise (ROF)•A member of Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA)•Registered profits and positive shareholder funds in its latest audited accounts•The business must be Syariah compliant        &nb
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