be our partner

We are looking for following partners

  1. Business Management Consultants - to promote our company products, and handling customers (commission based on cases)
  2. Bankers - we are interested to partner with higher level bankers, discuss further, Great remuneration  ^^
  3. Properties agents - to handle our properties investment
    - buy lower than market price at least 50-60%  for shop lot and residential house
    - assist to sell our properties at reasonable price
  4. Auditors - willing to sign audited account
  5. Poor People - wan to earn extra money in instant
  6. Special Legal Services Agency - discuss further
  7. Others - if you have any special abilities, can discuss further


How to be Our Agent?
What should i do, if i am interested?
Is this job very hard?
No. Simple only.

1. Acquiring SME LOAN knowledge. Pls Visit: 

2. Find Target Customer: SME company which is RM 25 million sales and below. Approach them to get SME LOAN Assistance from Our company.

Frequent Ask Questions : Pls Visit: 

3.  Collect documents from customer, Click Here to download the checklist and pass to customer to prepare for documents.

4. Pass the documents to our company.

5. Waiting our process and submission.

6. Update for information in our website, ID & PASSWORD will be given.

7. Waiting for Offer Letter issue out.

8. Collect Cheque

9. Transaction is done. and looking for other opportunity from the customers to collaborate.

It Is Simple only........ No Job Simple like this........ Just explain & collect documents. 

Be Our Partner Now. Fill in your information, please CLICK HERE


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