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HQ: 107- Jalan3/23a, Taman Danau Kota, Off Jalan Genting Klang 53300 Kuala Lumpur
Google Map: 3.199757, 101.718441

 Authorized Agency in Malaysia

Negeri Sembilan -  Senawang mr.Alex

Selangor - MIH Consultancy & Marketing Services, mr.Kef Ng
                   - MFMAK Consultancy, mr.T.W.Mak

KL - Lo Solutions Sdn Bhd, Mr. Leow

Penang - Egi Wealth Services, ms.Jorlin Goh


Sabah, KK - Uni Solutions, mr.Loius 



MAGIC CONSULTANCY was incorporated in 2001, is one of  Malaysia's TOP 1 reliable and reputable Business Financial Platform and Solutions Provider. 

Nowadays, MAGIC CONSULTANCY comprises a team of exceptional Chartered Accountants, Bankers Copy Writers, Company Secretaries, Financial and Business Advisors, Speculators, Investors, Government Advisor, Legal Consultants and Solicitors. Our commitment to you is providing the highest standard of professional service in the areas of :-

  1. Project discussion, Meeting
  2. Evaluating / justification
  3. Research / Mapping
  4. Problem solving / Professional Advice
  5. Decision making
  6. Managing Process Flow
  7. Negotiation
  8. Costing / Planning
  9. Marketing
  10. Write Up Company Profile and Presentable Proposal
  11. Extraordinary Business Solutions
  12. Project Close

Vision : To be the Biggest Leading TOP 1 Malaysia Business Financing & Investment Company with global reach

Mission :

1. To assist companies to get financing to expand their business.

2. To assist companies to prevent and lower down fraud cases.

3. To provide companies more information and assistance in government special funding or incentive.

4. To assist those companies, from bankruptcy.

5. To assist those companies in the process of bankruptcy.

6. Generate a fair return to shareholders.

7. Pursuing personnel policies that recognize and reward performances and contributions of employees and provide proper training, development and opportunity for career advancement.

8. To give a fair & good return for our partners and agents.

9. A responsible corporate citizen, committed to enhance corporate governance, transparency, environmental concern & social responsibility.

Values :

1. Confidential

2. Reliable

3. Responsible

4. Professional

5. Fun

6. Environmental friendly  


Our Services :

  • Formation of companies which fulfill the requirements of financing and pioneer status in Malaysia
  • Corporate Financing Loan : Term Loan, Trade line: ( BA, BG, LC ) , properties loan & refinance, machine loan
  • Tax Exemption, grants and others
  • Managing, operating and controlling bank accounts for clients
  • Acting as local representative for foreign companies and local companies
  • Providing opportunities of  high return investment program : purchase and stimulate properties, mining, construction project, new business start up and others
  • Business Acquisition and Disposal 

Our philosophy : We are not only a high standard of financial advisory service at competitive rates which meet to their goals and objective, but also close personal attention.

It is a policy of our Firm to have a higher proportion of partners from different areas expertise and qualified staff so as to provide a high level of personal involvement in clients' affairs and to ensure that the emphasis is on intelligent and constructive advice rather than routine compliance work. Our staff are always encouraged and expected to understand our clients' affairs.

By adopting a positive and pragmatic approach in dealing with clients' financial problems, we provide solutions and think as business people in order that the service we provide is of real value in assisting clients to achieve their objective and maximise profitability.

Our Targeted Customers : Local, small to medium-sized SME organizations to international MNCS. We have assisted our clients to save time, money, resource and increasing their sales, network, and the strong of Financial to expand their business faster and stabilised.



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