Property Flipping Programme
Property Flipping Programme{p}it is a process of invest into a few property within the same period. Magic will invites all investors, and bulk purchase the particular properties  and bargain a biggest discount with developer. So that, the relevant property can be CASH OUT in order to serve loan. Then, wait for opportunity to sell.{p}Participant will receive in advance 10% cash of Advance Cash from Discounted Cash Out. Remaining Fund with MAGIC Propety Management Group to serve for loan installment, service fees, legal fee, advertising, renovation.{p}Profit Margin will be as below{p}Quality A person: Magic 50%, Participant 50%{p}Quality B person: Magic 60%, Participant 40%{p}C
Acquisition company and IPO Fund
The fund use to take over potential company or manufacturer. After Increasing the working capital & strong management team, we intend to IPO either ACE MARKET or MAIN MARKET in Bursa Malaysia to release the ACTUAL VALUE & cash out.Please contact with our Professional about this.
Other Investments
Market Share Investment Fund
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