Background Check
Company Individual公司/个人背景检查
What is Company or/ Individual Background Checking?公司/个人背景检查是什么?Company Background Checking is to analyze the financial status of the company. The analyze is checking about the company detail, existing directors, company turnover, status, bankruptcy, trade record and so on. The main criteria to analyze is the status of establish year, existing directors, 3 years financial status, bankruptcy & trade record. 公司背景检查是分析该公司的财务状况。分析有关该公司的详细检查,现有的董事,公司营业额,地位,破产,交易记录等。的主要标准分析是建立一年的地位,现任董事,3年的财务状况,破产和交易记录。Which country of the company, can we check?哪个国家的公司,我们可以检查吗?MAGIC CONSULTANCY  is focusing on Malaysia only.MAGIC CONSULTANCY 只专注于马来西亚。Why we need to analyze our customers, suppliers, and ag
Family Tree
Family Tree is a structure of a person family included father mother brother sister son{p} {p}100/500{p}
Obtaining Your Credit Report{p}Any individual may request access to his/her credit information from the Credit Bureau. The credit report containing the individual’s credit information can be obtained from Bank Negara Malaysia. The request for the credit report can only be made by the individual. In the case of a business entity or a deceased person, such request can be made by a person authorised by the entity (for businesses) or by the court (deceased).{p} {p}You may obtain the credit report from the Customer Service Centre, Laman Informasi Nasihat dan Khidmat BNM (LINK) of Bank Negara Malaysia, Head Office or Bank Negara Malaysia Regional Offices/Branch.{p} {p}Bank Negara M
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